ECOway Hotel Shower Cap

ECOway Hotel Shower Cap

$62.50 Inc. GST $62.50

ECOway Hotel Shower Cap

Units Per Carton: 250


ECOway Hotel Shower Cap

Units Per Carton: 250

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Get The Best Hotel Shower Cap Deals at AusPacific Group 

Hotel shower caps are one of the most commonly used items used by guests when staying in a hotel. A shower cap helps to prevent the hair from getting wet. There are a lot of designs and shapes available in shower caps too. AusPacific Group deals in a variety of designs of shower caps which are comfortable to wear. Our shower caps are highly durable and made from the best quality material. We only provide functional and useful products to our customers.

Our shower caps are decorative as well as waterproof. The simple designs and patterns on the shower caps usually consisted of a single layer of waterproof material. You may often use plastic bags as shower caps but they do not serve the purpose of a professional shower cap. Our shower caps have proper elastic edging that do not hurt and they are easy  wear.

Key features of our shower caps


The primary purpose of shower caps is to prevent hair from getting wet. This is important when showering and do not want to wash your hair. It eases the process of bathing. Moreover, it becomes very important to select the best shower caps for your customers who will be staying in the hotel. Being the owner, it is your duty to include the best quality products in your hotel rooms. After all, happy clients are what every business wishes for. The quality of service will make them visit again too.


The kind of material used for manufacturing our shower caps is soft and durable. Our shower caps do not irritate the skin or hurt your head. They are comfortable for all users while bathing. We provide shower caps in plenty of designs that are manufactured by fusing two layers of fabric. This enhances the aesthetics of the cap and makes it resistant to water and dirt.

Numerous uses

A shower caps find a lot of uses and applications in various fields. These are even used while doing hair dyes or some hair mask treatments. Therefore, if you are in the cosmetic industry, these shower caps are a perfect choice for you. These will let the heat to be trapped in the hair treatment and allow the colour to be set in. Hence, our exclusive shower caps can also be an important addition in your salon.

Apart from this, shower caps are also used when a facial mask is applied in the spa. If you have spa facilities in the hotel too, you can simply order the shower caps in bulk from our registered website. You will not regret buying shower caps in bulk since they fulfil your varied requirements.

Good to be used for children

The shower caps are very important to be used by babies so that the water does not enter their ears or cause discomfort to both the child and the mother. The caps for children are often available as crowns with wide brims. This feature is extremely useful when bathing babies. They does not allow the shampoo, water, or soap to enter the eyes of kids while bathing. The children are very sensitive and therefore require care and attention. Hence, you need shower caps that can provide comfort to your child and AusPacific Group provides these.

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We provide affordable hotel shower caps that are long-lasting and serve many purposes. We never compromise on the quality of our products and aim to become one of the leading suppliers in the market. We ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

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