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Hotel Supplies in Sydney

Extravagant Hotel Supplies in Australia

The hospitality business is all about the experience that one delivers to its guests. It is the approach that one follows and the service that one gives that determines the satisfaction as well as the happiness level of a guest. Hotel supplies play a major role in providing the desired comfort to a guest. It helps to build a strong impression about your hotel and it speak volumes about your attention to detail.

Hotel supplies are not just a fancy kit of toiletries and some utility items. It is the comfort that one wishes to arrange for the guests during their stay. AusPacific Group brings to you an array of top-notch hotel supplies that creates a perfect impression of your hotel and gives it a desired edge over your competitors.

Expertise and Experience

AusPacific Group is an amenity products supplier and distributor based in Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia. We sell a variety of non-perishable products and cater to a wide range of sectors including hotels, schools, massage clinics and hospitals. Our products include Hotel soaps, hotel shampoo, hotel slippers Sydney, hotel bin liner, hotel shower gel, hotel shower cap, hotel bath towel Sydney, hotel dental kits, hotel glass bag, hotel toilet seal, and more.

We are associated with some of the best and most highly renowned suppliers of hotel supplies in Australia. Our product research team are experts in the hospitality business. They source some of the best products that cater to the varied needs of your guests and offer ultimate comfort.

Excellent Value for Money

We offer the best prices on the market being on average 20% to 50% cheaper than our competitors. In fact, during our 5 years of operation, our average prices haven’t increased at all. This not only reduces your overhead costs but also adds a dash of stability in the unstable world of business. We aim to offer our customers the best deals at unbeatable prices. Being in this industry for several years, we have an upper hand over our competitors. Our luxurious products are reasonably priced and comply with Australian standards.

Quality Assurance

At AusPacific Group, we give utmost importance to the quality of our hotel supplies. We ensure product quality by carefully screening all the products we buy. As a result, we maintain the best quality per price measure. This means that at a given quality, our prices will always be lower than that of our competitors. We are the specialists in the field; we have some of the best bathroom products and kits that cater to the exact requirements of customers. All the products offered by us comply with Australian Standards.

Extensive range of Hotel Supplies

We can supply anything from a single box to millions of units. In addition, we have a unique range of customisable products made from resin or acrylic plastics. This means we can design a wide range of products such as containers, utensils, and furniture personalised for your business. The features that can be altered include design, logo, size, colour. We assist you throughout the process. We have a team which will help you to customise hotel supplies according to your needs and requirements. Our product team focuses on the results so that you get ample branding options. It designs hotel supplies to meet your specific needs and match your expectations. Our bespoke hotel supplies enhance the beauty of your premises, promises convenience for your guests, and maximise the positive image of your hotel.

Serving customers for Half A Decade

AusPacific Group has experience of over five years in the accommodation industry. We are committed to providing distinguished products that are superior in quality and are a class apart. We have successfully served the accommodation industry with our professional service and expertise in the field. Over the years, we have worked with several renowned resort chains, hotels, luxury motels, serviced apartments, Air BnB’s, and much more with our lavish hotel supplies.

What makes us one of the best in the accommodation and hotel supplies industry?

  • Custom Products: We offer a plethora of options for customising hotel supplies according to the needs of our customers. Our team of experts suggests the best branding possibilities to give a classic appearance of the hotel supplies.
  • Assistance: AusPacific Group is dedicated to providing edge apart customer service to our clients. We assist you to choose some of the best hotel supplies that thoroughly complement your image and enhance its positioning as well. Our focus is to supply products that enhance the image of our clients.
  • Innovative Products At Great Prices: AusPacific Group is the industry leader in the accommodation sector. We continually strive to update our product list and present products that are extravagant and contemporary. We have exclusive bathroom amenities and hotel supplies at unmatched prices.

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