About Us

Our Business

AusPacific Group is a distributor based in Sydney, Australia. We sell a variety of non-perishable products and cater to a wide range of sectors including hotels, schools, massage clinics and hospitals.

We offer the best prices on the market being on average 20% to 50% cheaper than our competitors. In fact, during our 5 years of operation, our average prices haven’t increased at all. This not only reduces your overheads costs, but also adds a dash of stability in the unstable world of business.

We ensure quality by care fully screening all the products we buy. As a result, we maintain the best quality per price measure. This means that at a given quality, our prices will always be lower than that of our competitors.

We can supply anything from a single boxes to millions of units. In addition, we have a unique range of customizable products made from resin or acrylic plastics. This means we can design a wide range of products such as containers, utensils and furniture personalized for your business. The features that can be altered include:

  1. Design
  2. Logo
  3. Size
  4. Colour

Our Customers

Some of our customers include: