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Pamper Your Guests With Slippers From AusPacific Group

Most hotels provide disposable hotel slipper pairs to their guests to maintain hygiene. It is a way of improving their business and makes their guests a feeling of getting pampered. The slippers they provide must be comfortable and light to wear.  Disposable slippers come with breathable, waterproof, and anti-skid properties. With its unique properties, it offers different benefits to its users like non-slip, water absorption, and breathability.

A Reputable Industry Leader

AusPacific Group is a reputed company based in Sydney, Australia, for that supplies and distributes top-quality hotel amenity products, including hotel slippers. Approach us for top-notch quality hotel slippers at the best and most competitive prices. Before ordering slippers, make sure you mention the material that you require, such as disposable towel slippers, non-woven slippers, etc. Each type of hotel slipper has its pros and cons. Hotels or clubs that place an order can request their logo on the slippers if they would like this addition.

There are many big and small hotels around the globe which provide many amenities to guests for their comfortable stay. It is a way for hotel owners to impress their guests. Each person checks the facilities before they book their hotel for accommodation. Besides, competition is everywhere, and high-quality luxuries help each hotel to stand out in the hotel industry.

People from the hospitality sector always appreciate our slippers for their comfortable fitting. They love the captivating designs and charming patterns of our slippers. We supply slippers for our clients at affordable prices.

The hotel toiletries that we offer to the hospitality industry include:

  • Hotel soaps
  • Hotel slipper
  • Hotel shampoo
  • Hotel shower gels
  • Hotel bin liners

A leading supplier and distributor in the field of hotel amenities throughout Sydney, AusPacific Group offers hotel slippers at different sizes, patterns, and designs at the best prices in the market. So, connect with us for ordering the best quality slippers to make the stay of your guests memorable and comfortable.

Benefits of ordering from us

  • We are the best partner available in Sydney for the best-quality hotel toiletries at competitive prices.
  • We can supply a wide range of quantities, be they large or small.
  • AusPacific Group does not impose a minimum order limit. Customers can order large quantities or a few pairs of slippers based on their requirements.
  • Our hotel slippers are made from environment-friendly materials that encourage and attract environmentally conscious guests to visit the hotel again.
  • We ensure high-class products and never compromise on quality.
  • Reasonable prices.

When it comes to hotel slippers, we consider comfort and special designs. So, we supply slippers that are appropriate for their quality and price points. Most guests have high-living standards, and hotels also need to provide high quality toiletries and amenities.  So, many high-end clubs and star-rated hotels prefer hotel slippers that have both aesthetics and function.

Whether it is a boutique hotel or a large chain of hotels, it is a great idea to put your logo on your complementary products. We provide slippers with the hotel’s logo printed or embroidered on.

The main features of our hotel slippers are:

  • Soft texture
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect-fit
  • Trendy designs
  • Elegant texture
  • Attractive patterns

One of the great advantages of making a ordering hotel slipper order from AusPacific Group is that we can produce a rich collection of them. Since our slippers are made up of best-class materials, they come with a classy and trendy appearance. We can deliver the products on time to our clients at market-leading rates.

The efficient and creative professionals in our company work throughout the year tirelessly to provide high-quality hotel slippers that improve your hospitality business. They make slippers using high quality materials sourced from authentic vendors. Contact us today to check different types of hotel slippers and place your order at the best prices.

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    Closed Toe Cotton Hotel Slippers 200pairs

    cotton slippers
    cotton slippers

    Closed Toe Cotton Hotel Slippers 200pairs

    Closed Toe Cotton Hotel Slippers

    Units Per Carton: 200 Pairs

    Description: 100% Cotton, 5mm EVA sole, closed toe, 29cm long, 13cm wide.

    $260.00 Inc. GST $260.00
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    ECO Hotel Slippers 150pairs

    hotel slippers
    hotel slippers

    ECO Hotel Slippers 150pairs

    ECO Hotel Slippers

    Units Per Carton: 150 Pairs

    Description: 100% Cotton, 5mm EVA Sole

    $130.00 Inc. GST $130.00