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Highly Efficient Disposable Face Cradle Covers

If you have ever had a massage done then you must have analysed the kind of comfort that is provided to you using the best equipment. The disposable face cradle covers are just one of them. These are used for the protection of the massage table and increasing the comfort level of the clients. AusPacific Group is here to provide you with high-quality, soft, and disposable cradle covers. We deal in face masks, hand sanitiser gels, alcohol wipes, and cradle face covers.

AusPacific Group aims to provide the best services possible and deliver products at your doorstep in no time. Our shipping services are satisfactory and the user-friendly products are made to enhance your comfort and fulfil your requirements. Our premium quality covers are bound to enhance your massage experience. These are capable of protecting you from any kind of stains or bacteria. These are made with a vision to prevent customers from facing discomfort. The variety in our disposable face cradle covers makes them fit to be used by you.


Our disposable face cradle covers save you the money you will be required to spend on the laundry. These are a great replacement for flannel or cotton covers. The quality of being disposed of away safely helps in making it a top choice for your business. It makes the process convenient for both clients and workers.

Provides protection

These disposable cradle covers help in protecting the customers from any kind of contamination and are even good for your table and massage chairs. We aim to promote a safe environment where your equipment does not get deteriorated. It will protect your upholstery from oils or stains, dirt, etc. The use of our face cradle covers will increase the value of your firm and will help in getting better reviews from clients. It helps in gaining trust too.


This quality of the covers aid in providing reliable protection to the clients. These covers have the ability to conform to the shape of any type of headrest. These can be easily fitted on to the face rest cushion. These fit to be used during spa or massage. We provide the best quality covers to facilitate better work at your end.

Feels soft

The disposable face cradle covers that we manufacture are extremely soft to avoid any kind of discomfort. The material used to make these covers feels soft against the skin. It enhances the comfort level and acts as a stress buster. Your clients are able to relax more and would love to visit you again. Remember that good services always help to grow your customer base and enhance your reputation and reviews.

Ease of portability

Disposable face cradle covers are easy to be carried around and have a very simple way of installation. It is damn easy to order the covers from our trusted site. They are easy to store as well. Being portable gives an extra edge to the quality of our covers. We always try to meet the expectations of our customers.

The ultra-soft covers provided by us are highly durable and non-stick. These are made to fit your needs. Highly efficient, these disposable face cradle covers are hypoallergenic too. This makes them a perfect fit for you.

Why choose us?

  • We are among the leading face cradle cover providers and we can help you to select the right product.
  • The durability and functionality of our high-quality products make them a good choice
  • We make sure that the shipping gets done on time and the customer is 100% satisfied with the products.

Now when you have made up your mind to buy the best quality disposable face cradle covers, connect with our team and they will provide you complete assistance straight away.

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    cradle face cover

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