- Massage Sheets

Quality Disposable Massage Sheets For Quality Saloon Spas 

There is a thin line between a moderate and excellent spa experience. Yes, that’s a massage sheet, literally and figuratively. It is important to give your customer an ultimate spa experience, offering them wide-ranging services, including a hygienic and clean space to lie on during spa sessions.

At, AusPacific group, we deliver you the best disposable massage sheet for your and the end-users satisfaction. We use superior quality in all of our products to ensure premium services.

What does our massage sheet include?

Oil protection

Our disposable massage sheet is non-woven and oil protective to keep the massage station free from mess.

Breathing hole 

Sometimes not having a proper breath, people tend to faint and it leaves the worst experience with the customers. We understand your concern completely and for extra convenience, our disposable massage sheets come with a proper breathing hole.

Standard size 

While looking for massage sheets research completely as sizes play an important factor. Our disposable massage sheets come in two standard sizes to fit any width or height.

Our product and services:

24×7 inquiry and complaints

We at AusPacific group are open to any of your issues or inquiries with our 24×7 online customer support window.

Free shipping and return 

Very few companies offer such services. Whether it’s one box order or a thousand, we charge no additional cost for delivery and returns. This also helps us guarantee the best price in the industry.

Express delivery  

Businesses nowadays always face contingencies and unprecedented events. Therefore, to ensure that the product reaches you in time, we use 3 days express delivery for shipments.

Different sized massage sheets

We offer two sizes of disposable massage sheets. You can choose the one that suits your business operation.

Why choose us?

Cost-effective products 

We provide the best products in the industry to our customers at prices which are 20 to 30 per cent lower than anywhere else. In fact, in the 5 years of operation, we haven’t increased our average prices at all.

No additional cost 

Our products and services include no additional costs. We have clear-cut and transparent pricing policies.

High-quality standards 

All our products go through high-quality standards to maintain the best quality. We ensure careful screening at the manufacturing stations of the product to leave no room for doubt.

Unique range and customisable products 

We house a unique range of massage spa amenity products that can also be customised according to your need and preferences. The design, colour, and size features of our products can be easily changed to fit your operation and scale of business.

Hygienic and sanitary products 

All our products are made in an extremely hygienic and sanitised environment to avoid any contamination.

Looking for disposable massage sheets?

AusPacific group provides a huge range of amenity products for the health and hospitality industries. Whether you want massage oil or massage sheets, we can source them all.

Our products are put under high scrutiny during production to ensure ultimate quality. We are able to supply these top-notch products available to you at throwaway prices. Our products are available to both small and big businesses and we treat all of our customers equally.

Ready to buy disposable massage sheets? You’ll find it here at our website.