- Plastic Garbage Bags

Garbage Removal Made Easy with AusPacific Group

Hygiene and comfort are very important for any person wanting to stay at a good hotel. At AusPacific Group, we understand your concerns and we supply the best hotel bin liners to maintain cleanliness. Keep your hotel premises clean and hygienic by providing dustbins. But you do not need to trouble housekeeping staff  for daily maintenance. Place bin liners inside the garbage bins to make it easy removal. 

AusPacific Group is the leading brand in supplying various hotel amenities right on time. Our team is always on their toes to respond quickly and provide the best services to our customers. Being the leading supplier in Sydney, we provide wholesale prices to all our customers without compromising the quality. 

Why Hotel Bin Liners for Your hotel?

Garbage bin liners are a great way of disposing of waste materials. AusPacific Group supplies high-density plastic hotel bin liners that limit the emission of any sort of foul smell from the garbage bin. By investing in our range of hotel bin liners, get to please both the housekeeping staff as well as your valued guests. 

We offer a wide range of hotel amenities, hotel toiletries, and hotel bin liners which are considered to be top-class in the market. All the bin liners that we supply come in various sizes from 18L packs to 82L packs that can be easily incorporated in rooms as well as in large garbage bins. This helps the housekeeping staff for quick room cleaning along with maintaining good hygiene.

AusPacific Group deals with the best manufacturers of bin liners. All our hotel bin liners are made with top quality plastic that is sustainable and tough enough to carry heavy loads. The hotel bin liners also come in various colours giving you wide scope to choose. 

Benefits Of Using Our Hotel Bin Liners

  • Lightweight
    Our range of hotel bin liners is extremely light weight and can easily be handled by anyone.
  • Puncture And Stress Resistance
    Bin liners come in various qualities. But we always choose to give the best. Our range of bin liners can withhold maximum stress that makes it suitable for both light and heavy use. 
  • Multiple Uses
    We understand that in a hotel,  bin liners can be used in multiple ways. Whether you want to use them as garbage bin liners or as laundry bags, it is up to you. Our products will suit both of these uses.
  • Lower Cost
    We aim to give the best at the most affordable rates in the market.

Entrust Us With Your Orders

We are well acquainted with the hospitality business and we never disappoint our clientele. Leading from the front, we always strive to deliver the best and we always provide top quality products at very reasonable prices. Over the past five years, we have built a solid reputation through sheer craftsmanship and hard work. We take pride in making the customers’ stay at the hotel worthwhile. Indulge in some of the best hotel amenities and hotel bin liners that will portray your attention to details. No matter how big or small the order is, we make sure you will get it delivered on time. 

We have already partnered with some of the top hotel brands in Sydney. Contact and order from us and become a part of the ivy league.